Programs /Activities

The Aappa Aziz trust is implementing the following activities

School Grant Program

Trust School, Sadiq Colony, Chauk Shaheedan, Multan. This school, established by Aappa Aziz Trust in 2013

Skill Development Program

Sais Bano Skill Centre (SBSC) has been established in Multan.The centre is helping adolescent girls

Post Secondary Scholarship program

Currently around 50 financially challenged but bright students (FA/FSC/ BA/Masters and professional

Primary and Secondary School Scholarship Program

The trust is also sponsoring 25 students (belonging to low paid daily wagers) studying

Subsistence support program

Subsistence allowance to widows and orphans in Talagang, District Chakwal

Girls Education Champions Network

Aappa Aziz Trust has established Girls’ Education Champions network as a forum for creating awareness




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